11 Tips to Take Care of Any Type of Hair for Men

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Research has even found that most people begin developing gray or white hair before the age of This is due to the production of melanin in the hair slowing down. This is the pigment that turns your hair, skin, and eye color darker. When strands are devoid of melanin, it can also transform the hair into a dry and brittle texture. Treat this by regularly taking care of your hair and keeping it nourished with conditioner and leave-in treatments. If going the dyeing route, Medico says that your best course of action is to use a color that blends with gray. For curly hair Managing curly hair is no easy task. You may have to deal with dry hair, breakage, and too much volume.

Anything that means. The newfound green agile isn't without regulation, though. Maintenance is essential, and a decent beard trimmer will keep unsightly neck hairs by bay, and give some semblance of care. They're not even that classy, either. Or learn how to cut like an expert Clean shaven is just as permissible though.

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