9 Things People Do In Couple Swap That You Can Try Out

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This question is posed on every swinger networking site and is crucial information for couples seeking other partners for play. First, we should go over some definitions. There is a common misconception among new swingers as seen on many misinformed message boards and chat rooms that soft swapping simply means same room sex, where each couple has sex only with their own partner while occupying the same room, or that soft swapping only means female-female play. This is not the case. Soft swapping can encompass a wide range of activities, from kissing, to fondling and for some couples, even oral sex with one or more people outside the couple. Simply put, soft swapping means that there is no actual penetration with outside people. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and there is no one right answer for every couple.

Around are many definitions of a combine swap. Most of the time you define it as changing partner along with another couple, meaning you will be dating or taking on a appointment, someone else's partner while they abide on yours. Well, that can be one way to do it. Although that's not the couple swap we are here to talk about at present.