Out of the Closet: Relationship Tips for Crossdressers and Transgender Women

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Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dee A. This is my premier article for a new monthly column dedicated to your transgender needs and issues. I am so honored to have the opportunity and privilege to be a monthly columnist for this much needed on-line transgender magazine. I was married to a cross dresser for 20 years, a secret I kept hidden from everyone in my life. My closeted crossdresser husband misrepresented himself when he chose not to disclose his lifelong condition prior to our marriage. He had to show me. I felt betrayed, lied to, and absolutely devastated.

Dresses, skirts, lingerie and shoes — anywhere do you put all the shoes?! The same can be said designed for the metaphorical closet. The longer you keep yourself hidden, the harder it is to see who you actually are. That is a great beating to yourself and to your affiliate. Hiding who you are takes a lot of energy that is advance spent on keeping the sparkle all the rage your relationship and enriching your experiences in life. Hiding who you are also causes a lot of accent and unnecessary strain on you after that your relationships.

Flaunting your best features is the clandestine to being a super hot crossdresser or transgender woman. The most chic and flattering skirt length is by and large inches above or below the lap. That said, experiment to find your own best length. The easiest approach to show off beautiful breasts is to wear a low cut acme — and v-necks are especially becoming. But how low is too low?

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