What to do if you can't pay your bills

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During times of hardship, one of the first places many people turn for help is to their loved one and family members. Often people fall into financial difficulties if they experience the sudden loss of a job or are impacted by expensive medical bills. Many well-meaning family members have found themselves sucked into the financial abyss by the problems of a loved one. Let's take a look at a few options you can consider to help your family members in financial trouble without hurting yourself in the process. If your loved one is having a short-term cash flow problem, you may want to give an outright financial gift. Decide how much you can afford to give, without putting yourself in financial jeopardy, and then either give the maximum amount you can afford all at once and let your loved one know that's the case or perhaps give smaller gifts on a periodic or regular basis until the situation is resolved.

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P eople feel happiness in different ways—and one possible factor is how a good deal money they make, according to additional research. People with higher incomes attend to to feel more positive emotions focused on themselves, say researchers, while those who earn less take greater amusement in their relationships with other ancestor. Others—like love, compassion and awe—tend en route for focus on outside people, things before the surrounding environment. Both groups knowledgeable enthusiasm at the same levels.

Even if some studies show that wealthier ancestor tend to be happier, prioritizing capital over time can actually have the opposite effect. Where your work meets your life. See more from Climb here. How often have you cheerfully sacrificed your free time to accomplish more money? But new research suggests that prioritizing money over time can actually undermine our happiness. In a recent study, more than 1, students graduating from the University of British Columbia completed an assessment measuring whether they tend to value time above money or money over time. The majority of students reported prioritizing age — but not by much. The researchers found that the students who prioritized money ended up less blissful a year after graduation, compared en route for their classmates who chose to prioritize time. A mountain of evidence shows that, on average, wealthier people are happier.

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