“Looking forward to seeing you” in Business Writing

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Anytime vs. Home » Anytime vs. You may have found yourself in a similar dilemma such as this, questioning which use of anytime is correct. Are they both? Are anytime and any time used interchangeably? This makes it all the more difficult when you go to type them out.

I look forward to seeing you almost immediately. I look forward to meet you or look forward to meeting you? What could be a good another to I look forward to attend to from you? There are several expressions in English that are used a lot in business settings — look accelerate to, be responsible for, get agitated about, be interested in, etc. All of these verb phrases or expressions ends in a preposition — en route for, for, about, and in. Prepositions are used in a variety of behaviour You can find more info a propos strengthening preposition use here. But, around is a rule: If a preposition is followed by a word, it must be a noun.