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A married woman, on holiday recently in Miami, booked a massage in the spa at the famous five-star hotel where she was staying. The masseur was male, which didn't bother the lady in question - she'd had a dodgy shoulder for a week, exacerbated by the transatlantic flight, and preferred the firmer approach of a male therapist. He left the room while she put on the skimpy see-through spa pants and, on his return, she thoroughly enjoyed his deft touch as he released all the accumulated stress in her back, breathing audibly with the effort of loosening her tension. Then she turned over and he began to work on her legs, which were also very tight. She was surprised at how long he was spending on her upper thighs, but it felt pleasant, so she did not complain. Gradually his fingers edged closer to the hem of the pants.

I have to admit: when a Child Boner Radio listener wrote in a propos her tendency to orgasm during massages, I was a wee bit green. And I was basically okay along with that. What is up with that? Also, I keep wanting more knead appointments, haha. Any suggestions? And you deserve them, Dalia! People of altogether genders are known to experience orgasm during massage. Most massage therapists are well aware of this, and constant learn about in their training.

Their camera is pointed between her legs and captures the erotic massage our friend gives, which leads to ease and desire for my darling. He moves between her feet for absolute hardcore sex. It made me cum HARD. I fantasized that it was my wife with her massage analyst that she had a fling along with.

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