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There can only be items shown at a time, please add another word to narrow down the result. Girl Gang feat. Kelly Rowland ah that's just our campaign Everything we do we do it big Riding on our own wave Whipping in our own lane Ain't nobody messing with my clique Timeless et dreams Girls just wanna have fun Maybe we're tied up Maybe we're a strange love But don't you want me? All this talkin' bout love I know what you're thinkin' of Look Back At It feat. Pretty Boy d all the girls they go insane When they see ya And all the boys they Week Without You seems you just wanna bring me down down With your bad attitude bad attitude When you know I'm not one to keep dealing with the shit That you put m

Altogether throughout the song, Swift impresses her listeners with high notes, impeccable air, and clear diction. Taylor Swift was blessed with the ability to buzz, and not many people have this gift. Destiny Hope Cyrus, better accepted as Miley, is a famous adolescent performing artist who just recently labeled herself as a feminist. The ask is; what characteristics make someone a feminist?

It just sort of romps all above them. Cyndi Lauper is singing words placed in her mouth by a man, but she trounces the lyrics, so much so that while the record was on the charts, author Robert Hazard actually complained that she took too much credit for his song. In fact, the song's a good number important lyrics, in which Cyndi declares that she wants to be the one to walk in the sun, are lines she wrote herself, by this means transforming a rather sexist ditty summarized by Exude's parody, Boys Just Absence to Have Sex into protofeminism. Although then again, it's the singer, not the song. If Girls had been planned as an anthem, it capacity have proved as noxious as I Am Woman. Lauper was really arguing that girls just want to allow fun, too - that is, en route for participate in pleasure on the alike scale as boys, not that amusement is all that girls want.

Misheard lyrics also called mondegreens occur after people misunderstand the lyrics in a song. These are NOT intentional rephrasing of lyrics, which is called burlesque. This page contains all the misheard lyrics for Girls Just Want En route for Have Fun that have been submitted to this site and the aged collection from inthe80s started in Designed for more information about the misheard lyrics available on this site, please announce our FAQ. Disclaimer: amIright. Making amusement of music, one song at a time. Since the year

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