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A fter years of shows on breaking up, Oprah is moving on to shows about making up. In a recent program, she separated her studio audience into two sections—men and women—and invited the sexes to talk to each other across the divide. The women launched into an attack. John Gray, author of the wildly popular series on gender differences, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venusis now intent on uniting the two in Mars and Venus Together Forever. But these peacemaking efforts are too little too late.

Afterwards breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, writer Kate Leaver decided to abuse Tinder to live out her basic fantasy - sleeping with another female and the experience taught her add about herself than ever before. Friday night, and I'm two hours, four cocktails and three intense kisses addicted to my first-ever date with a female. We stumble out of a diminutive bar onto the street and air at each other. She puts her arm around my waist, pulls me into her, bites my bottom brim and whispers in my ear, Accordingly, are you coming home with me?