The Sex Addiction “Excuse”

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Nothing could be further from the truth! Sex addiction is real. The risks taken by sex addicts that endanger their health, safety, livelihood and relationships are staggering. Some look for anonymous sexual partners through websites, chat rooms, or phone apps. They may literally risk their lives for the next sexual encounter. Addiction is not casual, fun, or harmless. No one would willingly chose to be an addict—especially a sex addict. It is difficult enough for most people to talk about healthy sexuality, much less admit to out of control sexual behavior. Taking on the sex addict label requires a considerable commitment of time, energy and dedication.

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Abandon 0 Listening to young straight men give me advice about where en route for find intelligent single women in a big city has taught me individual thing — they have no fucking idea where to look. It about, almost makes me worry about the future. Being one of them, a single man of drinking age, this same question remains a major preoccupying thought in my mind most of the time: Where should I attempt tonight that attractive women might be? I try not to think a propos if too often lest it be converted into an obsession. But whenever I attend to other men speak up about conclusion women, I listen.

The men and women seated around me, legs crossed and arms folded, draped over orange plastic chairs, would accompany right through me any second at once. Even though I was staring along at the floor, I could air their eyes burning in to me. These people had real addictions… my problems felt so entry-level by assessment. They had serious problems, not me. Who am I kidding? The add I listened to the stories of the people around me, the add I realized that I was all the rage the right place. So what is sex addiction, and why is it so frequently misunderstood? What Is Sexual Addiction?

Was Katharine Hepburn? The ladies on The View! The schadenfreude is so broad you can cut it with a knife. Moralism stands in for agreement. High dudgeon stands in for nuanced understanding. America loves an excuse en route for sneakily enjoy unauthorized sex. The accident of the rich and famous is a bonus. Instead, I see ancestor regretting the sexual choices they accomplish, often denying that these are decisions. The conflict over sex addiction is important to humanists for several reasons.