Tantric Love: Where Spirituality And Sexuality Meet

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That's where I come in. Using specific aspects of your natal chart, we will have a down to earth and easy conversation which will give you deeper insight into your erotic energy and inner wisdom. You will be given this insightful tool to:. Although this session can stand alone, it will be of more benefit to you, if use it as a jumping off point for your sexual freedom coaching. I connect with the cosmos. Open, non-judgmental conversations about sex and intimacy. Experiential exercises utilizing the body and breath using black girl tantra techniques.

By: Sarah Cocchimiglio. For most people, the words can immediately conjure up cerebral images of sex. And not a minute ago any kind of sex—adventurous, new-age femininity. They may imagine long-haired folks smelling of patchouli in a room ample of crystals who are engaged all the rage awkward positions that only an knowledgeable yogi could achieve. Although there is some truth to this image, Tantric love is so much more. Abnormal sexual positions and a particular ambiance can be part of the be subject to, but this is not what Tantric love is all about.

Allusion the word 'tantra' and, if you come from a Western European backdrop, you likely imagine marathon sex sessions, like those mentioned by various celebrities over the years cough, Sting, cough. The reality of the practice, all the same, is a lot more complex, devout and profound than this. In a nutshell, it is a spiritual custom, with the aim of becoming a better human, to cultivate compassion, benevolence, helpfulness and peacefulness,' explains Mal Weeraratne , a certified Tantra Educator after that the founder of Tantric Journey — School of Healing and Awakening. It's an important part, but there are other components: about living in your truth, about awareness and consciousness. A good number people spend their lives imagining the future or the past, and avoid the moment, this is something Tantra seeks to correct,' he adds. It should be noted that there are four schools of Tantra, each along with different specific practices. As such, it's a complex matter — making byroad generalisations hard. As to its origins? These are derived from certain Hindu, Buddhist and Jain advanced practices, which often focus on connection between the masculine and feminine energies within altogether of us.

Photograph by Stocksy. Question: Do you assume it is OK for someone all the rage a relationship to seek awakening along with a [tantric] professional like yourself ahead of sharing that with his or her partner? To answer your question, I am going to tell on for my part a little bit. I started studying tantra while I was married. As this is an issue I face-to-face have experience with, I will allocate my personal journey with you. After I started studying tantra, I was so excited about what I was learning and discovering that I absolute the invitation to my partner. He, however, wasn't interested. That was his choice—in the same way that studying tantra was mine. But coming as of a background of sexual trauma, I knew that sexual healing was central for my own path to bliss.