The Tyranny of the Female-Orgasm Industrial Complex

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Here are 8 types of orgasm you just cannot miss. Photo: Flickr This is the one area of male-female interactions, which seems to dominate all. So just how differently do men and women experience it? Orgasm plays a great deal when the climax is near, but are we aware of the types of it?

Announce Don't worry. You're not alone. A load of guys 50 and older be subject to difficulty with orgasm and ejaculation , says Dr. Louanne Weston, a femininity therapist. One study found the badly behave affects as many as 16 percent of men in their early 60s, 23 percent of men ages 65 to 74, and 33 percent of men 75 and older. The able news is that these difficulties be able to usually be resolved.

A propos 5 to 10 percent of women report never having reached sexual best moment. Use the hashtag TheExperimentPodcast, or carve to us at theexperiment theatlantic. Fact-check by Stef Hayes. Sound design as a result of David Herman. Additional music by Brian C.