Among the Insurrectionists

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Center, its creator, Kylie Jane Kremer, a thirty-year-old activist, conceived the November 14th rally in Washington, D. That day, Jones joined tens of thousands of Trump supporters gathered at Freedom Plaza. Jones, who is all chest and no neck, pumped a fist in the air. His usual security detail was supplemented by about a dozen Proud Boys, who formed a protective ring around him. Although he served time in federal prison for rebranding and relabelling stolen medical devices, he often cites his family history to portray himself and the Proud Boys in a noble light. As we climbed toward the U. Capitol, I turned and peered down at a procession of Trump supporters stretching back for more than a mile. Flags waved like the sails of a bottlenecked armada. The response felt incongruous, until I recognized it as the juvenile thrill of transgression.

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Kennedy Quotations Below is a selected catalogue of quotations by John F. Kennedy, arranged alphabetically by topic. Note: Parenthetical numbers in the titles of presidential speeches and news conferences refer en route for item numbers in the Public Papers of the Presidents. For more in a row please contact Kennedy. Library nara. Allow a research question? Ask an Archivist. Kennedy, Let us

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Maude Lebowski: He's a good man The Dude: I had a rough dark and I hate the fucking Eagles, man. Walter Sobchak: The chinaman is not the issue here The Dude: Walter, the chinamen who peed arrange my rug I can't give him a bill, so what the fuck are you talking about? The Dude: Hey, I know that guy, he's a nihilist. Karl Hungus.