36 Weird Canadian Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

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Two teens have been arrested after they allegedly robbed a grave and had sex with the corpse of the body within, Daily Mail reports. An unlikely friendship that led to some spectacularly adorable photographs. A badly injured British woman could have used a helping hand after crashing her rented dirt buggy while vacationing in Mexico. Find the best places within Ottawa in a new tab. From local businesses to food to medical to legal services. Yandy, an online retailer that sells lingerie and ultra-sexy Halloween costumes, debuted a bright orange Yandy College Scandal Costume Wednesday. Is a Swedish company making a Jamaican dish in the U. What could possibly go wrong? Guinea pigs and those that love them took over Greenwood Park on Sunday.

A lesser amount of than a week after the October terror attack on Parliament Hill, at the same time as many as nine police cars converged on a black SUV veering disconnectedly down a major Ottawa thoroughfare. Pulling the vehicle over, the officers complete the suspicions of callers: The be in charge of behind the wheel was indeed apparently intoxicated. If the driver were a Canadian citizen, his licence would be given a three-month immediate suspension after that his car impounded for a week. But the year-old driver flashed a badge: He was a Saudi Arabian diplomat with full diplomatic immunity. The police drove him to the delegation, towed his car and made a phone call to the Department of Foreign Affairs. The Department did not respond to National Post requests above whether the diplomat faced any add consequences. There are quirks to a few capital city: Motorcades, recession-proof employment, an unusually vibrant singles scene. But the strangest side of Ottawa — after that among its least visible — is the fact that it has at the same time as many as 6, residents who are effectively above the law.

The wokest beer brand in the earth bungled an attempt to highlight femininity inequality this week, causing confused critics to slam its strange social acceptability campaign. Cheese restaurant in New Jumper left two people injured, including an employee who tried to break ahead the fight. A former Pennsylvania above what be usual school teacher and softball coach has pleaded guilty to having sex along with a year-old student. Find the finest places within Ottawa in a additional tab. From local businesses to cooking to medical to legal services. As a result of continuing to use our site, you agree to our Terms of Advantage and Privacy Policy.

Await very recently, scientists thought they understood the biology of why men basic to take a breather after femininity — and before going for about two. A veritable host of studies has long shown that concentrations of a hormone called prolactin spike all the rage men just after they ejaculate. Above what be usual levels of prolactin are also allied with a lower sex drive all the rage men. Research into questions like this frequently produces fascinating findings that advantage us to understand more about the often strange — and occasionally alarming — idiosyncrasies of male sexuality. Erstwhile research has shown that men are far more likely than women en route for be into fetishes, as well at the same time as, sadly, perverse and illegal sexual behavior such as pedophilia. Susana Lima, a neuroscientist at the Champalimaud Foundation all the rage Portugal, and her colleagues were examination their amorous lab mice when they began to ponder the refractory age. They discovered that we know a lesser amount of about the male refractory period than we previously thought.

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