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Here's a starting point for anyone looking to move outside their comfort zone and trying something new or different. Sure, many of you will have already experienced some of the suggestions on this list, but the idea here is to get you thinking—a starting point. Others may find a dozen or more items on this list as great ideas. So find something here that might stimulate you and get you started. Have an idea that should be added to this list? Please comment with your ideas below and keep the conversation lively and interesting. September 4, August 9,

Associate and share knowledge within a definite location that is structured and at ease to search. I'm not looking designed for adventurous or something similar. That dress up should also fit in less action-packed activities:. B: I don't know this game and, actually, I don't akin to these varieties of games but I'll play. Maybe it's fun. First I thought about open-minded but I assume this means more willing to eavesdrop to people, think about their ideas, arguments, What word describes person who is willing to try activities he doesn't know or hasn't experienced before? To be adventurous is to be willing to try new things not necessarily action-packed.

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