How to Blind Bake Pie Crust

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While the process for blind-baking is nearly identical for all pie crusts, what does change is the oven temperature and the length of time needed to blind bake. Though, it will need to be baked for longer to ensure it's fully baked through. The photos in this post are of a whole wheat pie crust. A crumb crust, such as a graham cracker crust, does not act the same way as a raw flour pie crust, but still can be blind baked to ensure it is crisp and that it holds together. Tools Needed You don't need a lot of tools, and in fact, I own nothing special for this. Some people like to use specially purchased pie weightsbut I don't find them as helpful as using dried rice and beans. I like to use dried rice and beans because they are smaller, and can really pack into small crevices and do a great job holding up the edges of the crust so they don't sink down. I keep the same rice and beans for many years and reuse them to blind bake pie crusts.

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