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Definition: To talk with someone you have not seen in a while; to do the work that one should have done; to move faster in order to reach someone who is moving the same direction. Use one: To catch up with someone is to talk about what has been happening in each of your lives after you have not seen each other in some time. The length of time between seeing someone and catching up with him or her can vary. It is possible to catch up with someone you have not seen in a few hours, and it is possible to catch up with someone who you have not seen in years.

Associate and share knowledge within a definite location that is structured and at ease to search. I am very acute to do that. I am actual keen on doing that. I am keen that I can do so as to.

Altogether rights reserved. Home Sentence Keen Acute sentence example keen. He continued en route for take a keen interest in ability and science. He wasn't too acute on the idea when she at the outset told him about it. He was a fine horseman and keen huntsman. She kept a keen eye absent for the same kind of dig over and was surprised at how a good deal they found.