The men who feel left out of US abortion debate

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Arrange the battle lines over US abortion The Supreme Court's landmark Roe v Wade decision issued on 22 January,is the best-known case on abortion, designed for having legalised the procedure across the United States. But two later cases had more of an impact arrange men, says Allen Parker, president of The Justice Foundation, a conservative act centre in Texas. After the Absolute Court decision in Planned Parenthood v Danforth, the father's consent to an abortion was no longer required. All the rage its Planned Parenthood v Casey assessment, the court went further, saying fathers are not entitled to be notified about an abortion. Before entering the priesthood, Father Imbarrato got his girlfriend pregnant in and steered her toward having an abortion, finding out decades later she had been carrying twins. Gillian Frank, a historian of sexuality at the University of Virginia, says that the Planned Parenthood v Casey decision found that in most contexts, where there was a stable after that loving relationship, men and women made the decision together. These decisions [by the courts] rested on the actuality it is not a child, accordingly the situation is not analogous en route for child custody. According to the Guttmacher Institute, a research and policy organisation that analyses abortion in the US, half of women getting abortions all the rage said they did not want en route for be a single parent or were having problems with their husband before partner. Media caption, Voices from the abortion frontline Outside our clinics, it's typically men who are leading the protests and clambering on to cars to yell over the fence along with bullhorns, says Sarah Wheat who facility for Planned Parenthood in Austin, the Texas state capital and a chief battleground over Texas legislation on abortion.