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Photo by Stocksy. Tantra is the practice of being in a full relationship with life—a living connection with what is: opening yourself—your senses, your awareness, your emotions—to the present moment and experiencing reality from that place of openness. Tantra drops us more deeply into the experience of who we really are. It creates an active merging of body and spirit. When we practice Tantralife turns on—and so do we. Before I go any further, I'll answer the question I know you're asking yourself: What exactly is a Tantric relationship? That means it's a partnership where our purpose as a couple is to be as awake as we possibly can be. To be real, to confront our fears, and to grow in Love.

Accomplish you want to bring the ember back into your relationship, or advantage a new one off on the right foot? Looking for the finest ways to practice seduction, develop a better bond with prospective partners, after that experience better love-making? Then keep reading! Covering everything from how you be able to harness the law of attraction after that seduce potential partners to the antediluvian secrets of Tantric massages, this bag is your ticket to experiencing a better love life. If you absence to drastically boost your seduction skills, strengthen your love life, and acquire a deeper connection with your additional or established partner, then this bag is for you! Melinda Parker is an author, erotica enthusiast, and authority in the art of sexual seduction. Happily married for over a dozen years, she has a detailed acquaintance of how couples can breathe animation back into their relationship and rediscover the love they first felt designed for each other. After spending years studying the nature of sex, from psychology to the practices of Tantra after that Kamasutra, she now brings her insights to the world.

Allow to run free your sexual potential with tantric exercises, positions, and massages to satisfy your partner's deepest desires. Tantric sex is a type of sexual practice so as to emphasizes the union's spirituality between a man and a woman as a sacred act. Tantric sex is a propos contact with your sexual energy, which is considered the essence of animation and the creation and use of this energy. When you can attach the power, you can have advance sex and have sex for absolute periods. Still, this energy will additionally give you more control in erstwhile areas of your life. Suppose you have been married for a elongate time or have been with your current partner for a long age, and the romance has faded all the rage the relationship due to children. All the rage that case, stress, work, or erstwhile common factors when exploring these tantric sex rituals together, they will be reminiscent you. Both are the reasons they joined in the first place.