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Woman from 53471

Save this story for later. Her real self had showed itself in her writing, just for a moment, three years earlier, and when I heard it—the self I had married, after all, and lived with and knew well—in that brief moment, three lines recited as she went out through a doorway, I knew that what I had always felt must happen had now begun to happen, that her real self, being the real poet, would now speak for itself, and would throw off all those lesser and artificial selves that had monopolized the words up to that point. It was as if a dumb person suddenly spoke. This selection contains perhaps a third of the whole bulk, which is now in the Neilson Library at Smith College. The last of these contained entries for several months, and I destroyed it because I did not want her children to have to read it in those days I regarded forgetfulness as an essential part of survival. The other disappeared. It is as if Hughes looked at his first version and cast it aside as one of the too simple and too pretty false starts that a writer must make as a necessary part of finding out what he wants to say. You could even call it a throwing off of impurities. Two other notebooks survived for a while after her death.

Be on the same wavelength here to go to Volume 2. Over six hundred corrections were entered in the summer of as a result of proofreading done by Sarah Koch SKoch aol. Notes: 1 The notation [sic] is used not barely for its traditional purpose but additionally to indicate over thirty places anywhere the Norton Critical Edition differs, at time substantively, from the New York Book here followed. Italics and accent marks are removed from foreign words.