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Or most of them, anyway…. Quick: Imagine a typical, anonymous French person. When you look for the origin of this French stereotype, the overall consensus seems to be that it comes from the French diet or somewhat stereotypical diet of onions and pungent cheeses. But why would that make it true? If you eat a lot of onions or stinky cheese, does it make you smell any different? Those are the facts, as much as statistics can be trusted, anyway. Also — another statistic — a majority of French people use deodorant. But I will admit, I do often smell body odor on public transportation or in crowded rooms.

All the rage a cafe in south London, two construction workers are engaged in cheery banter, tossing words back and forward. Their cutlery dances during more absolute gesticulations and they occasionally break bad into loud guffaws. They are discussing a woman, that much is absolve, but the details are lost arrange me. Out of curiosity, I barge in them to ask what they are speaking. With friendly smiles, they equally switch easily to English, explaining so as to they are South Africans and had been speaking Xhosa.

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