Perky fellows in a gay-looking speedwagon: The Hardy Boys return

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That took a lot of perserverance I can tell you because, sadly, this series is simply not that good. Average acting, an odd mixture of stereotypical and totally unbelievable characters, a dreary pace, a surfeit of teen angst and obvious but failed attempts to create suspense are just some of this series' problems. There are some truly ridiculous scenes and plot devices too, things that would not happen in real life to real people with functioning brain cells. Some of the characters are laughable and badly acted - the oriental matriarch; the demented teen girl who, it transpires, is head of a Russian dynasty; the hapless international fugitive thief who, by his own admission, looks really good in a wig. These are just some examples.

Hens Selye discovered that mental stress affects physical health. Leslie McFarlane wrote the Hardy Boys books. Scoff, if you dare. This man's prodigious work has brought comfort to millions of children confined to their beds with affliction or fake illness through the years. Under the pen name Franklin W. Dixon, McFarlane wrote a series of assembly-line mysteries -- the first six of which have just been reissued by Penguin Putnam -- that became standard gifts for any boy laid up with measles in the ancient days of the '40s and '50s or the flu in the at this juncture and now. In fact, a counterattack take on McFarlane might point absent that Hardy Boys books, passed as of sick to healthy young hands above and over, probably did more en route for transmit disease than any shipment of smallpox-infested blankets. Harmless youth entertainment before hazardous medical waste? They may be the most sneezed-upon novels in bookish history.

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