Watch and enjoy our dirty little secret

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Now that we have been in the lifestyle for several years, are happily married, had plenty of experiences and talked about everything along the way, we have come to the conclusion that marriage will not be the end of our sexual desires with others. Think about it, if you truly love this person you've chosen to share the rest of your life with, obviously you only want the best for them, right? Why should sexual freedoms, adventures, desires, wants, and most importantly, needs that each other crave be excluded? First and foremost, we are seeking friends as well as playmates. We have found that friends, and knowing another couple fairly well make the best playmates.

Max Sebastian has written more than 20 novels, and regularly tops the bestseller lists for steamy couples erotic creative writing. He began fooling around with bad words on the Literotica. Max lives in London, England, and loves en route for hear from readers. Visit his website at www. His wife had a fairly wild love life at academy. Tris has even heard some of the stories. Then one night all the rage a drunken argument, Sasha blurts absent how desperately she wants to fulfill her dirty little fantasy, even a minute ago once in her life, and Tris suggests that perhaps she should aim it with some other guy.