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Demisexuality is a sexual orientation where people only experience sexual attraction to folks that they have close emotional connections with. In other words, demisexual people only experience sexual attraction after an emotional bond has formed. For some demisexual people, it may be friendship — including platonic friendship. They might not necessarily love the person — whether romantically or platonically — at all. Wait, why does that need a label? Demisexual people experience attraction to a select group of people. You can be sexually attracted to someone without having sex with them, and you can have sex with someone without actually feeling attracted to them. That said, some demisexual people might choose to wait a while before having sex with a romantic partner — but this is independent of their sexual orientation.

Pinterest Summer is here, which means all other queer girl is finally hopping off Twitter and grabbing some sun. And what better way to benefit from the weather than going on a beach date? Of course, sapphic dating is easier said than done, after that not just because a gentle argument against the leg can mean 20 different things. Mainstream porn implies a person with a penis, be they cis men, nonbinary people, or trans women, prefer intense, rigorous stroking until they squirt semen. Trans adult performer Claire Tenebrarum warns that cisgender women are just as prone to cis men when it comes to believing after that regurgitating these unrealistic stereotypes. Others are fine having their cocks touched although may refrain from topping or penetrative sex.

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