21 rags-to-riches stories that will inspire you

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Link copied! Getty Images 5 ; Alamy 1 The single biggest factor that holds women of the United States back in career and money is working mom guilt. The general, public assumption is that in the United States, women earn 79 cents on the male dollar because white men in C-suits arbitrarily decide that women do not deserve equal pay, and the male-dominated halls of government fail to fund family-focused policies. The social and internal pressures that women face to create the Leave it To Beaver, nuclear family with a stay-at-home mother and breadwinning father are real and powerful forces that shape attitudes and major life decisions. Here are the facts about working moms in the United States: In the United States, a full 70 percent of mothers with children under age 18 work outside the home, and 40 percent of these moms are the family breadwinner. Yet whether mothers work because they want to, or — far more likely — because they and their kids need to eat, they usually feel bad about it. Society teaches us that when mothers work outside the home, children are hurt. A Workingmother. Where does all this guilt come from?

Dolly Parton grew up in a bad family in rural Appalachia. Leonardo DiCaprio , one of the biggest names in Hollywood, grew up in a drug-torn part of Los Angeles, although Oscar-winner Halle Berry slept in a homeless shelter during her early amateur dramatics career. Visit Business Insider's homepage designed for more stories. Despite being some of the most recognizable names in Silicon Valley , Hollywood , and afar, these millionaires and billionaires weren't all the time living the high life. From the seedy streets of LA to the Bayview projects, these celebrities and entrepreneurs made it big after coming as of nothing.

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