Threesome Tips: 6 Things You Should Know Before Having One

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But wait! Wait, wait, wait! Adding a third person to your sexual encounters is about way more than one more body to have fun with. The added emotions, concerns, and potential problems are increased by much more than a factor of one when you decide to add one more. If you want your threesome to be awesome and not an awkward tear fest and trust me, there are some serious threesome horror stories out theretake the sage advice of these women who have all had threesomes themselves. Make that threesome as hot as possible and school yourself beforehand! I've had maybe 20 threesomes at this point?

Account from Sex. Sophie Saint Thomas. I'm not going to pretend like threesomes are a new thing. Group femininity has been around for thousands of years — even that famous Femininity and The City episode about triads aired wait for it 19 years ago. At this point, threesomes are so commonplace they've even been depicted on HBO's The Young Pope : a show about a pope, guys. And that's not a bad affair at all. The truth is, threesomes can be amazing. They can jumpstart your arousal and help you ascertain about your sexuality.

Threesomes are fun. Everyone should try them at least once. Thanks to Tinder , you can search for a third while eating nachos from your couch. The hookup app is abundant with horny couples looking to fuck a woman together. Swipe on, pervs.