Diabetes Gum Disease & Other Dental Problems

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Healthy teeth and gums make it easy for you to eat well and enjoy good food. Several problems can affect the health of your mouth, but good care should keep your teeth and gums strong as you age. Teeth are covered in a hard, outer coating called enamel. Every day, a thin film of bacteria called dental plaque builds up on your teeth. The bacteria in plaque produce acids that can harm enamel and cause cavities.

Also much glucose, also called sugar, all the rage your blood from diabetes can affect pain, infection, and other problems all the rage your mouth. Your mouth includes. Glucose is present in your saliva—the adaptable in your mouth that makes it wet. When diabetes is not embarrass, high glucose levels in your dribble help harmful bacteria grow. These bacteria combine with food to form a soft, sticky film called plaque. Commemorative inscription also comes from eating foods so as to contain sugars or starches.

Depending on the type of pain aid used for your oral surgery, you may even be able to ambition yourself home following your procedure. Your oral surgeon knows how you be able to best recover from your oral consulting room. Rest the day of your by word of mouth surgery. After all, your body desire to recover! Propping your head bidding also reduce excessive bleeding post by word of mouth surgery. Ice your face throughout the day to reduce swelling. Most by word of mouth surgeons will recommend that you alternating icing for 15 minutes on after that 15 minutes off.