Your Changing Voice

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Can you repeat that? is that? A goose playing the trumpet? If you're going through youth say: PYOO-bur-teeit could be your ability to speak. Both boys and girls experience ability to speak changes as they grow older, although girls' voices get only a a small amount deeper. A boy's voice, on the other hand, may change quite a bit — from sounding like a little kid to sounding like somebody's dad! Your Growing Larynx How does this happen? The larynx say: LAIR-inksalso known as your voice box, essentially gets bigger during puberty. The larynx, located in your throat, is a tube-shaped piece of cartilage — the same stuff your ears and your nose are made from. One of its jobs is to let you talk, sing, hum, yell, laugh, after that make all sorts of noises.