7 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails to Order on Your Night Out

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Spend a few minutes in the kitchen the morning before your party or beach trip; make a big batch of the cocktail, and stick it in the fridge; then just pour it out at the beach, zero effort required. Get a good bottle. These recipes each make six cocktails, and a whole batch can fit in your average Nalgene. Use whatever container you like, just make sure it seals fully -- nothing worse than losing a cocktail batch in a sticky cooler mess. Add a little water. Keep as cold as possible. Pouring cocktails over ice at the beach is pretty much mandatory. If possible, chill your cocktail container, too. Garnish is optional, but.

After my sister Sam was pregnant along with my niece, I was a freshman in college. We went out en route for dinner and it was at a popular restaurant in Philly with a fully stocked bar. The problem was that we both couldn't drink. Accordingly we asked if they had a few alcohol-free cocktails, and sure enough they gave us a list and we were served with this pink raspberry drink in a martini glass after that everyone thought we were sipping arrange a cocktail. They even garnished it with a cute little candy churn.

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