Basic psychological need theory: Advancements critical themes and future directions

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Body image disturbance is associated with several mental disorders. Previous research on body image has focused mostly on women, largely neglecting body image in men. Moreover, only a small number of studies have conducted gender comparisons of body image over the lifespan and included participants aged 50 years and older. With regard to measurement, body image has often been assessed only in terms of body dissatisfaction, disregarding further aspects such as body appreciation or the importance of appearance. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to explore different aspects of body image in the general German-speaking population and to compare men and women of various ages. Participants completed an online survey comprising questionnaires about body image. Body dissatisfaction, importance of appearance, the number of hours per day participants would invest and the number of years they would sacrifice to achieve their ideal appearance, and body appreciation were assessed and analyzed with respect to gender and age differences. We hypothesized that body dissatisfaction and importance of appearance would be higher in women than in men, that body dissatisfaction would remain stable across age in women, and that importance of appearance would be lower in older women compared to younger women.

Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. All the rage this study we tested the Gendered Outcome Scale as a measure of gender satisfaction among women aging along with the disabling affects of paralytic polio. The results support that the amount was valid and reliable for measuring gender satisfaction. Further work is basic to test the scale in diversified samples.

Experiential studies on BPNT have increased exponentially since the millennium turn, leading en route for refinements and extensions in theory. All the rage this contribution we review these two decades of research in order en route for introduce two special issues on BPNT. We first discuss key criteria so as to define and identify a basic basic within BPNT. We then review a number of need-relevant themes, highlighting advancements and trends that characterize contemporary research on BPNT. We also situate each of the 19 contributions that appear in this special double-issue on BPNT within these themes, while suggesting avenues for add research on the role of central psychological needs in motivation, adjustment, after that wellness.

According to self-determination theory SDT , the satisfaction of the universal needs designed for autonomy, competence, and relatedness is central in order to enhance autonomous drive, which in turn promotes psychological comfort PWB , regardless of age before culture. In contrast, some cross-cultural perspectives challenge SDT's universalistic viewpoint, especially SDT's view that autonomy yields universal activist effects across Western and Eastern societies. To test these theoretical frameworks athwart cultures, with special focus on the field of aging, this study examined the contribution of satisfying basic emotional needs to elderly people's PWB as of Eastern and Western cultures China after that France. Consistent with the hypothesis of SDT, results from structural equation modeling SEM indicated that needs satisfaction facilitates autonomous motivation, which in turn promotes PWB in both elderly Chinese after that French.

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