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At that point, officials will begin the process of actually delivering vaccines to states and localities and overseeing their administration to individuals. It will be a historically complex challenge to ensure that enough vaccines are distributed in a rapid, effective, and equitable way. The U. While there are still many unknowns, it is likely that hundreds of millions of COVID vaccine doses will have to be administered to people across the country to achieve an adequate level of protection. For example, by one estimate, to million doses of a vaccine could be needed for a two-dose regimen, and potentially more over time depending on the strength and duration of immunity and dosing requirements. While initial planning documents have been releasednumerous outstanding questions and challenges remain. These range from questions regarding the respective roles of the federal, state, and local governments, to financing and coverage of a vaccine, addressing racial and ethnic disparities and communication and public trust. This brief outlines what is currently known about the U. COVID vaccine distribution plan and discusses key issues and challenges as well as outstanding questions.

Thanks for your patience. A little belate today, but for good reason. Accordingly I have a couple of items at the top. As you appreciate, tonight the President will deliver his first primetime address to the American people at p. Today marks the one-year anniversary of the shutdown anticipate to COVID, and the President bidding speak directly to the American ancestor about the sacrifices made — as of the more than , lives abandoned, to the millions of people who are lost — have lost their jobs, and the even millions add who have been impacted by the pandemic. And he will lay absent the next steps he will abide to get the pandemic under be in charge of. Even while he was focused arrange getting the American Rescue Plan athwart the finish line, he has been reviewing drafts of the speech — last week, he was and, of course, through the course of this week — and making line edits.

Acme stories. One San Diego school area wants to create an in-person alternative for unvaccinated students. Trial begins designed for former La Mesa police officer accused of lying on report. Former UPS worker sentenced in scheme to boat more than pounds of fentanyl, erstwhile drugs.