Gentlewoman: Etiquette for a Lady from a Gentleman

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The one disappointment that I can name is the poor editing comma displacement, articles missing, word misspellings. As a Literature major, I view the presence of the latter mentioned mistakes as being a disservice to the reader. Otherwise, Bereola's book is a good read. It was gifted for my 21st birthday during the worse break up ever. I read the book twice, even used it as the first book for my start-up book club. I enjoyed the book more while I was heartbroken. The second two readings were not as impact. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to others.

The author, Enitan O. Bereola II, has set out to inform, educate, after that empower women through his research after that insight. He wrote this book designed for women in all stages of animation, for young women who might be looking for a husband as able-bodied as women who might be struggling through their marriages. In preparation designed for writing this book, Bereola received advantage from a wide range of celebrities. Shatter your bias. If the assistance is applicable, the source is beside the point. A million dollars is still a million dollars, no matter who hands it to you. God made us equal. Man made us unequal.

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