Pleaser Women Always Lose Out – The Difference Between Pleasing and Giving

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This problem is the problem of pleasing all the time. Part of this comes from not really understanding the difference between pleasing and giving. And many women mistake pleasing for giving. Most women will read this and nod, yet continue for the rest of their lives to give to their man in the same way they always have. But because we are human and as women we have a feminine bias, we will make the mistake of trying to give what WE think is valuable, rather than what the man truly perceives as valuable.

People-pleasing might not sound all that abysmal. But people-pleasing generally goes beyond austere kindness. You might go out of your way to do things designed for the people in your life, based on what you assume they absence or need. You give up your time and energy to get them to like you. Myers says this is how people-pleasing can cause agitate. People pleasers often deal with at a low level self-esteem and draw their self-worth as of the approval of others.

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