The Orthodox intimacy coach talking about sex on Instagram

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Twitter Sitting in her living room in Hillside, N. Instagram is her platform. No filters. She is going to start thinking that her body is up for grabs, that anyone can touch her. The evening was a typical one — blunt talk about miscarriages, C-sections, sexual positions and abuse. In a community where sex is reserved for after marriage, and where sex education is still largely nonexistent — this sort of Instagram therapy has caught on like fire. He asked me what I was wearing…here I am, 16 years old, broken and hurt, and essentially being told that it was my fault. The interview was edited for clarity. How did you get into sex education?

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As visibility is more important than always before, Refinery29 brings you our carnival of Jewish American culture. There is no template for a Jewish female. Again: There is no template. A Fran Fine-esque nasally voice does not emerge from all of our mouths. We are not all white. Our ancestors did not all speak Yiddish. Some Jews keep kosher observing dietetic rules set out in the Torah ; some do not. Orthodox women maintain certain modesty rules regarding their clothing and wear sheitls wigs en route for cover their hair when in broadcast. Ethiopian Jews celebrate sukkot — the festival of booths that marks the end of the harvest — another way than descendants of European and Spanish Jews.