My husband was a sperm donor. Now the mother is making demands

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Danielle Teuscher's 5-year-old daughter Zoe is one of thousands of children conceived with sperm from an anonymous donor. When Teuscher wanted to know more about her daughter's ancestry and possible health issues, she and other family members decided to get DNA tests from 23andMe and added one for Zoe. What turned up appeared to be one of the anonymous donor's immediate relatives. She was shocked. The donated sperm had come from Northwest Cryobank, which offers donors anonymity, but Teuscher said the apparent relative she found on 23andMe listed themselves as open to messaging. I just want to let you know that we are out here and we are open to contact if you are,' Teuscher said. The relative responded I don't understand, so Teuscher said she let it go. But then she got a cease and desist letter from Northwest Cryobank, telling her not to contact the donor or learn more information about his identity, background or whereabouts.

It was not about the pornography, he often joked. The well-thumbed, lewd arsenal left on the examination bed was not his thing. A little bland. And it wasn't for the capital. Ian Morrison donated his semen above all because his then-girlfriend, a biology apprentice, suggested it. She came to apologize for this: the week-long sex ban ahead of each donation was a disaster designed for their agile earlys love life. Although something else was driving Morrison — a basic desire to help arid couples have children. It wasand Morrison was a year-old dream donor: his sperm were numerous and talented swimmers. Melbourne's Queen Victoria clinic asked him for three batches of donations below the promise of perpetual anonymity.