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Welcome back to part two of our discussion on tryouts! Today we are going to discuss something that we all feel and need to deal with as we walk into big or challenging moments in our lives. I can tell you with confidence that most of the children will feel uptight, and nervous heading into the tryout. I also know that every parent will feel nervous for their child as well…but I want you to understand two things about nerves as we get started today. First, we need to understand that it is ok to be nervous! Those nerves are natural and mean that you care about something and want to do well!

At the same time as our schedules fill up and we bunker down for finals week, self-care may be one of the after everything else things on our minds. Regardless of what your finals look like this semester, here are a few tips to help you make it all the way through the week. Take some time en route for talk through your schedule and expectations around finals. If you use a common space, try to coordinate your schedules so everyone can study effectively and enjoy quality time together. This may also be a good age to review or create a active agreement to help you outline rules, expectations and get everyone on the same page.

Contributor Sarah Poyer discusses the impact her cats have had on her after that navigating the future without them. Contributor Sarah Poyer is a junior all the rage women's and gender studies and newspaper journalism with a minor in biology. This past weekend I got to consume some time with family I accomplish not see very often. My stepmom, Jen, has been a part of my life since I was three years old, and despite some ancestral changes, I make an effort en route for see her and talk to her as much as possible. This after everything else weekend I got to spend age with Jen and her husband. Jen and I share a love of cats and have had cats all the rage our house since I was actual young. When I was about four, we adopted five cats from a big cheese who could no longer take anxiety of them. These five were babies, just about ten weeks old.