GitLab Meetup Checklist

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This team oversees official events, mentorship programs, diversity initiativescontributor outreach, and other ways of growing our community. We use this blog for policy debates, project announcements, and status reports. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to comment on posts and join the discussion. You can learn about our current activities on the Team Projects page. You can use our contact form to volunteer for one of our projects. If there is anything you would like to discuss — you do not need to inform them in advance. You are very welcome to drop into any of the Community Team Slack channels at any time.

This is a guide for those who are interested in running a Hyperledger meetup. We encourage you to advantage a meetup in your area but there is not one nearby. But you are interested in becoming a meetup organizer, please read this channel and then contact us. In accumulation to the information in this channel, you may also find these resources from meetup. If you like networking, organizing venues and finding interesting speakers, then you would make a able meetup organizer. We also encourage you to share responsibilities with others after that not do it all yourself. Choose do not create a meetup devoid of the intention of leading the arrange.

Meetups are amazing! They are a absolute way to stay up to appointment on the latest technologies, dive absorbed into interesting subjects, ask questions, after that network. Software Craftsmen attend meetups. They take pride in writing code so as to is well thought out, future accepted wisdom, and built to last. So you decide to look for a meetup, but there isn't something local so as to covers your passion. You might be ready to create a meetup.

This guide is intended to help Meetup organizers run events that their area will love. Our aim is en route for be as comprehensive as possible en route for enable everyone to become an agenda, regardless of experience. We realize so as to we don't have all the answers so if you find anything erroneous, notice something missing, or identify erstwhile changes to be made, please ajar an issue for our team en route for review. Happy planning! GitLab supports area leaders who want to organize meetups and tech events in their cities and hometowns. As the first definite application for the entire DevOps lifecycle, all events that discuss and alert on the software development lifecycle after that developer experience are eligible for GitLab support. Our goal in supporting these events is to increase awareness of GitLab and Concurrent DevOps, and en route for better educate the technology community a propos the power of our application. By GitLab, we believe everyone can add.