Do Birth Control Implants Cause Weight Gain?

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See your doctor Does the implant actually cause weight gain? Hormonal implants are a form of long-term, reversible birth control. Like other forms of hormonal birth control, the implant may cause some side effects, including weight gain. However, research is mixed on whether the implant actually causes weight gain. Evidence shows that some women using the implant experience weight gain.

At once let the questions about everything activate. To satisfy the little voice classified of your head and hopefully deposit your mind at ease , we pulled together a guide for the first trimester. Keep reading to ascertain about early pregnancy symptoms , prenatal tests, important health considerations, and add. First Trimester Symptoms Food Aversions after that Cravings Being repelled by certain tastes and smells is common in the first trimester. Ignoring an aversion can only make you feel sicker, accordingly don't feel you have to eat something just because you think it's good for you. Cravings are the flip side of aversions: Although the cause is unknown, they may austerely be your body's way of decisive you to eat what you be able to stand. Unless they could be damaging, go ahead and indulge them. Kane Low, but usually the first animal symptom they notice is a too-tight bra. Fatigue Extreme fatigue is actual common in the first trimester of pregnancy.