Wanting More Quality Time With Your SO Is Natural — Here’s How To Ask

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When you're in love with someone, it only makes sense that you would want to spend as much time with them as possible. But sometimes life gets busy, we get distracted, and that can put a real cramp on your quality time together. In this case, it's good to take note of the most effective ways to communicate these needs to your partner. Rhodesa licensed psychologist, dating expert, and founder of Rapport Relationships; and Diana Dorell intuitive dating coach and author of The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again for their insight into what you should keep in mind when you're ready to compose your message. Here's what they had to say. This is why texting to speak up about wanting more quality time can be really appealing. Rhodes agrees that more communication is better, even via text, but cautions that you should do so thoughtfully. An in-person conversation would be better. On the other hand, if you have concluded that texting really is the best way for you to approach the topic of your SO spending more time with you, all that remains is figuring out what exactly to type.

By no means underestimate the value of asking your partner how his day went. Niceties don't become any less nice a minute ago because they become routine. At the end of the day, even but you felt like no one cared about anything you did, at slight you know your partner will not only care but want to appreciate details. Some fights are just fights. They don't have to be agreement breakers.

Aim our three tips for improving announcement with your partner. Listening is such an important tool in relationships. Bear in mind that communication works two ways. This is only likely to cause anger to build up that will appear out in other ways. Let your partner know you appreciate having them around by surprising them occasionally. The strongest relationships are usually the ones that have been given the age to flourish. Allow each other en route for spend time on the things you enjoy separately. Try our four steps for setting healthy boundaries in your relationship. Just as we can acquire wrapped up in having the finest clothes or latest gadgets, we be able to worry about having relationships that are as exciting and passionate as the ones we see depicted in movies or hear about in songs.