How To Make A Girl Cum Fast With These 3 Killer Sex Positions

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Anything to do with female sexuality has been, and continues to be, taboo in the strongest sense of the word. This is what fuels my work as a sex therapist turned neuroscientist —and exactly what I explore in my Glamour column, Ask. Nanand in my new book, Why Good Sex Matters. The truth is we probably know just as much if not more about the composition of the fluids that flowed on the surface of Mars billions of years ago than we do about the nature of what is expelled by the human female during sex. How is that possible, given that references to female ejaculation date back to fourth-century Taoist texts? We can partially blame the stigma. But the result is that we remain so clueless about squirting that some medical professionals continue to insist that any fluid that leaks out of a woman during sex is urine—a result of incontinence. Where does the fluid come from? Because the science of squirting is woefully sparse, this is up for debate.

All the rage college, I lived next door en route for an agonizingly pretty cocktail waitress. The walls were thin. The scientists, Gayle Brewer of the University of Chief Lancashire and Colin Hendrie of the University of Leeds, asked 71 women between the ages of 18 after that 48 a series of questions. All the rage other words, the sounds the women emitted were not because they were out-of-control excited. Rather, it was a tactic they used to induce their man to do something, like acquire it over with. In most cases, they were also trying to be nice. Vote: Does loud mean faking it? They did it about 90 percent of the time they realized they would not climax. About 80 percent faked using vocalizations about half the time they were unable en route for have an orgasm.