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So, we decided it might be a good idea to make a list of ALL the Christmas movies ever made so that you could sit down with a bucket or two of popcorn, put your feet up and get into the festive spirit as you work your way through the list. After scouring the internet and beyond and compiling a list of what we believe is every Christmas movie or Christmas-related movie ever made though we have decided you will be better off buying shares in popcorn and may have to take an early retirement if you plan to watch them all!!! I mean, seriously, how many movies do we really need that feature the jolly season Mr. Movie Producer?

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She was naughty. She broke all the rules. She lived recklessly. And according to the grapevine, she had all the fun. Our modern culture is shoving the aim down our throats that bad girls have more fun. They must be having more fun. After reading the following descriptions, I want you en route for decide which girl has more amusement in the end; the naughty child, or the godly girl.