What To Do When Your Bestie Becomes A Bitch

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Sure, we all have our bitchy moments at times, but when Diane von Furstenberg calls you the bitch of the group, that's when you know you've crossed the line! On a recent episode of House of DVFthe fashion designer confronted Kier Mellour over her behavior towards the other Brand Ambassador candidates and mentioned that she might even be a little bit of a bitch. Kier defended herself, naturally, but Diane wasn't having it. Check out these 14 signs that you're the bitch of your friend group. If you're able to catch yourself now, then you just might be able to keep your friends Whenever you get into a debate or argument with your girlfriends, you must have the last say—even if you're dead wrong.

Around are friend breakups, and then around are friend blowups. You know the kind: a falling out with a friend that turns into a almighty flameout of epic proportions, complete along with bad-mouthing and betrayal. A friendship be able to blow up over something as austere as a little misunderstanding, to a few deep-seeded jealousy and resentment. As a result, a civilized parting of the ways quickly escalates into something accordingly vicious and unrecognizable, it takes your breath away, not to mention a part of your soul.

Non-bitch friend one: That guy I went on a date with last week still hasn't texted me. What accomplish you think happened? Do you accompany the problem with having a ball of exclusively non-bitchy friends? No worries if not. Non-bitch friend: That chap I went on a date along with last week still hasn't texted me. Non-bitch friend: But he told me he would text me. He alleged he had a great time after that would love to see me all over again.