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Jack and the Beanstalk, as recorded by Andrew Lang Jack and the Beanstalk, as recorded by Edwin Sidney Hartland Tabart, This is first known printed version of this tale presented here by The Hockliffe Project. Link to Jack and the Bean-Stalk. Link to Jack and the Bean Tree.

This is the latest in a chain we call Plant PPLwhere we conference people of color in the bury world. If you have any suggestions for PPL to include in our series, tag us on Instagram latimesplants. Mipa Shin sits on a at a low level metal stool next to her ceramic wheel and prepares to talk houseplants. Smiling, pointing to the planters so as to line the shelves of her single-car-garage-turned-ceramics-studio, her excitement grows, just like her favorite plant: the tall, sculptural Adenia venenata. There are chocolate brown after that speckled buff vessels for caudex, pagoda planters for Adenia glaucacheckerboard glazed pots for pussy willows, striped planters designed for Pilea peperomioides and philodendrons, and doughnut-shaped vessels for hoyas and air plants. Shin says it is undeniable, even if unintended, that her background influences her work. Three years ago, Shin was living with more than 50 houseplants in the bedroom of her Koreatown apartment.

Raised on the Quaker tenet that altogether people are equals, Mott spent her entire life fighting for social after that political reform on behalf of women, blacks and other marginalized groups. Mott also helped found co-educational Swarthmore Academy in Pennsylvania in Born arrange January 3, , in Nantucket, Massachusetts , Mott was raised in a family of Quakers , the agree with of five children. While at Quaker boarding school in New York, Mott excelled both in her education after that personal life. As a teenager, she became an assistant teacher and met her future husband, James Mott. But, she was shocked when she almost immediately realized the wage disparity between manly and female teachers.

After we say that we like before love someone, we are experiencing interpersonal attraction — the strength of our liking or loving for another person. Although interpersonal attraction occurs between friends, family members, and other people all the rage general, and although our analysis be able to apply to these relationships as able-bodied, our primary focus in this division will be on romantic attraction, whether in opposite-sex or same-sex relationships. No one of the other characteristics—even the perceived intelligence of the partner—mattered. Movies after that TV shows often feature unusually alluring people, TV ads use attractive ancestor to promote their products, and a lot of people spend considerable amounts of capital each year to make themselves air more attractive. Similar patterns have been found in relation to online contexts. This agreement is in part anticipate to shared norms within cultures a propos what is attractive, which may of course vary among cultures, but it is also due to evolutionary predispositions to attend to and be influenced by specific characteristics of others. Leslie Zebrowitz and her colleagues have extensively studied the tendency for both men and women to prefer facial features that have youthful characteristics Zebrowitz, These features include large, round, and broadly spaced eyes, a small nose after that chin, prominent cheekbones, and a big forehead. Zebrowitz has found that individuals who have youthful-looking faces are add liked, are judged as warmer after that more honest, and also receive erstwhile positive outcomes.