5 Science-Backed Tips for Being Single and Happy—Even If You *Really* Want a Partner

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Photo: TarcherPerigee. Staring at your phone wondering if you're being ghosted again can be draining, even for the most confident person. Sure, being single has its pros—being able to take up the whole bedfor one—but it isn't always easy. And that goes double when you really, really want to be in a relationship. Certified clinical psychologist Jennifer Taitz has been there. Yes, even therapists have dating woes. After a broken engagement, she started wondering if she would have to settle to, well, settle down.

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Ancestor need love, intimacy , and camaraderie, so you are focusing on by hand by pursuing those needs. All the same, neglecting your own dreams after that desires can still hold you ago. A life lived solely in the pursuit of the happiness of others may not bring you much delicate joy. Over time, you might activate feeling drained even a little abandoned. These 7 tips can help. Affection uncertain about your identity can accomplish it tough to get clarity arrange what you want from life. This illumination may call into question things you thought you knew about by hand as new aspects of your character emerge for the first time.

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