12 Funny Women to Watch If You Like Fun : You Do Like Fun Don't You?

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Tina FeyAmy Poehlerand Kristen Wiig will always have a place in our heart, but they'll have to make a little room in the comedy club for this new crop of funny women who are making us LOL across film, TV, and the Web. Anyone who watches Aubrey Plaza on Parks and Recreation knows that the year-old comedian is the definition of deadpan. Aubrey's next gig? Add her turns in 21 Jump Street and a little movie called Bridesmaids and we're convinced that this improv vet and Princeton grad!

As of original movies like Ibiza and A big cheese Great each a lively celebration of friendship to modern coming-of-age classics akin to Lady Bird and The Edge of Seventeennostalgic tearjerkers looking at you, My Girland so many more, the banner offers an enormous variety to women who are looking for films so as to are empowering, thought-provoking, or just apparent fun to watch. So, where accomplish you begin? So get ready en route for kick back and relax with this eclectic mix of movies because you deserve to watch something worthwhile. This stylish art-world satire provides a bouncy blend of horror and humor.