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But even filthy phrases can become predictable. You each know your lines I want you inside meand how you're supposed to respond time for woman-on-top! So what happens when your partner strays from the script—and even surprises herself with the smutty stuff that flies out of her mouth? When she veers into uncharted territory, you shouldn't necessarily react by doing exactly what she asks. The good news is that a sudden explicit outburst shows she's comfortable letting go in front of you, and that she feels anything but inhibited—which often equals more satisfying sex for both of you. And with our help, you don't have to be a mind reader: We asked sexperts which coarse commands your partner may let fly, what she actually means, and how you can keep the erotic momentum going. In other words, she's begging you to let your instincts take over. Try this: If you're unsure what she's asking for, offer this follow-up line: Do you want me to flip you over? If she's asking for aggression, feel free to go wild: Grab her hair, firmly take hold of her hips, moan as loudly as you want, and thrust forcefully enough that you can hear your skin slapping against hers.

Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe all the rage. Why trust us? Oct 20, Shutterstock The unknown is scary—and generally accompanied by a whole lot of built-up legends. But the unknown is additionally exciting and often well worth the adventure. Here, we dispel six myths about anal sex so you be able to get on discovering the uncharted area of your peach pit. Pleasure all through anal sex is about way add than the prostate, says Dweck. All the rage fact, in one study published all the rage The Journal of Sexual Medicine , 94 percent of women who arrive anal during their last sexual bump into said they had an orgasm.