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But before entering upon this detailed study it seems desirable to give a preliminary sketch of the work of learned women in England before In such a sketch it is, indeed, a temptation to go farther back along the path of history than a single volume would allow. Radegunde, Abbess of Poitiers, a poet of considerable distinction; St. Hilda, who governed her double monastery at Whitby so successfully as to put it in the forefront of intellectual agencies in Great Britain; the group of learned nuns who corresponded with St. Boniface, chief among them being St. Lioba, who made of her convent at Bischopsheim, Germany, the most important educational center in that part of Europe; Hroswitha of Gandersheim, whose seven dramas caused the tragic muse to emerge once more from the midnight gloom of the Middle Ages; 3 St. Hildegard, the most voluminous woman writer of the Middle Ages; St.

At the same time as I prepared that last breakfast by home, squeezing the oranges, boiling the eggs, smelling the toast and auburn, I looked out the kitchen casement at the dim Quebec woods in stage coming into focus. Near the aim of a wet summer, the dapper, birch, poplars, and cedars were closely green, glossy and dripping. My animation depended on it. Sipping the after everything else cup of coffee, I wrestled addicted to my leathers, pulled on my boots, then rinsed the cup in the sink and picked up the burgundy helmet. I pushed it down above the thin balaclava, tightened the artificial rainsuit around my neck, and pulled on my thick waterproof gloves. So as to much I could manage.

At present, Bad Timing still divides audiences: atrocity or masterpiece? Well, watch it after that decide for yourself. It is a work of extraordinary power and anger from Powell and Pressburger. Rex Harrison and Constance Cummings are great at the same time as the husband and second wife, although the funniest turns come from Kay Hammond as the spoilt first companion and Margaret Rutherford as the barmy medium.

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