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Aside from being vastly emotionally communicative and soul-baring, simply taking a moment to examine someone's unique eye color can be so compelling, as no two hues are exactly the same. Perhaps you're someone who's especially attracted to lighter eye colors like blue or green, or you find yourself on the other side of the spectrum being entranced by darker chocolate or amber colorings. Have you ever wondered why certain eye colors are so beautifully alluring? We decided to ask a psychologist and dig into some research to find out. One of the study's main findings was that gray eyes are both the rarest and the statistically most attractive eye color, with hazel and green following closely behind. Conversely, brown eyes are the most common color yet the least attractive to the survey's respondents. According to Manly, this tendency came from the need to notice that which was different in the environment in order to ascertain if the novel item or experience was safe or unsafe. Throughout evolution, she says, we've retained this interest in that which is novel. And though in some cases that which is novel is considered a detriment in others—such as a different eye color—it can also be considered interesting or attractive.

As of an anonymous male Dear Carole, I am attracted to women with fair-haired hair. This seems to be accurate of a lot of men. Carole replies: Ten years after he published On the Origin of Species inDarwin started to research the sexual assortment of blonde hair in women all the rage preparation for his book The Ancestry of Man and Selection in Family member to Sexwhich was published in Alas he was unable to find a sufficient amount data to support his theory so as to blonde hair is sexually selected after that had to drop the subject. At present there are plenty of theories a propos the evolution of blonde hair after that the science of genetics has furthered the debate. Research on variation all the rage human hair colouration has shown so as to mutations in genes that are catch up in the synthesis of melanin pigments are largely responsible.

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