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E-mail: moc. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract For Hindus, marriage is a sacrosanct union. It is also an important social institution. Marriages in India are between two families, rather two individuals, arranged marriages and dowry are customary. The society as well as the Indian legislation attempt to protect marriage. Indian society is predominantly patriarchal.

This is especially true for community academy students who often work long hours. Adult students deal with the add issues of child care and ancestor and home responsibilities. When evaluating your schedule , or how you consume your time, you also need en route for consider your goals and priorities. Can you repeat that? is most important in your animation, right now-- your family, friends, discipline, hobbies, or other activities? As you look at how you spend your time, ask yourself if this matches your priorities. Even though attending brand and completing assignments is a acme priority for most students, many achieve that they are not allowing a sufficient amount time for their studies. On the average, students should spend about 2 hours of study for each hour of class time. For example, but you are carrying 12 credits all the rage a semester, you should allow 24 hours per week for study this includes time for reading, writing papers, preparing projects, and for test grounding.

I believe a person who is not willing to make the sacrifice en route for take on such a role should step aside and let someone also do it. Three attributes that are critical to taking on the blanket of leadership are decision-making, resiliency, after that character. Leaders must have the audacity to make decisions with well a lesser amount of than perfect information. Jack Welch, who led General Electric as its CEO from to observed that mid-level leaders at GE struggled with having the courage to make a decision. Allay, a leader must decide. If a leader waits while trying to achieve perfect information, he or she bidding lose an opportunity. Leaders who allow led organizations for almost any age of time all have one affair in common. They have had en route for face adversity at some point after that guide the organization through challenging waters.

Nov 7, Inside Dolly Parton's Private Marriage ceremony to Carl Dean For more than 50 years, the country superstar has been married to a man who prefers to remain out of the spotlight. Author: Sara Kettler Photo: Civility of Dolly Parton For more than 50 years, the country superstar has been married to a man who prefers to remain out of the spotlight. The two have been all together ever since, despite seeming to allow little in common —Parton's created achieve albums, starred in movies and appeared on television, while Dean's preferred en route for live away from the spotlight. But, Parton understood her husband's desire designed for privacy, even as she became add and more famous, and Dean remained proud of his wife's career, constant when it drew unwanted attention his way. Though their marriage may act unconventional to outsiders, it's survived thanks to their mutual love and abide by. They met outside a laundromat Parton was surprised when husband-to-be Dean entered her life. I graduated on a Friday night, went to Nashville arrange a Saturday morning with dirty attire and I went to a Laundromat looking for anything but love. I had just left two boyfriends ago home, she told Interview in As for Dean, it was adoration at first sight.