An ode to Black hair: Teen writes book to help young Black girls love their curls

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Aisha Boubacar's quarantine hairstyle experiment quickly turned into a bona fide writing project. While many were trying to cope with being separated from their trusted hairstylist during the lockdown period, Boubacar, then 14, embarked on what she calls a love story with her Afro-textured hair by writing a children's book, Crowned in Curls. The rhyming story inspired by her childhood follows Imani, a young girl, who celebrates having curly hair after overcoming her insecurities about it. Boubacar, who says she always wanted to write, thought publishing a story based on her newfound appreciation for her natural curls could help Black girls develop a stronger self-image. Attending predominantly white schools pushed Boubacar to think her hair was a problem, not a beautiful attribute. Boubacar's mother started relaxing her hair when she was seven years old because, she says, it was difficult to manage. But in Marchthe teen author decided it was the perfect time to chop off the relaxed strands and allow the rest of her hair to grow, untethered by chemicals. She took time to scour the internet for articles and videos explaining how she could take care of her natural hair.

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