10 Easy Ways to Deal With Me When I'm Being a Bitch

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Believe it or not, once upon a time I was just a caring, optimistic girl looking for love in my life. I minded my Ps and Qs, showed my genuine kindness and enthusiasm and behaved with grace with every guy I met. The fish in the sea have turned into mutants in the sewer. These days, you have to hike up Everest and nearly die of hypothermia before you come across a small glimmer of hope. How is it possible for so many players to exist at one time? I like Netflix more than dealing with actual men. Who needs a boyfriend when I can sit bra-less with a bottle of wine and marathon through the new season of Orange Is The New Black? True love is just a button press away.

Guys who act like egotistical, selfish assholes are often the ones who acquire ahead in life — whereas girls who do the same thing acquire branded as a bitch. Whenever a man asserts any kind of ability, he is praised as a leader; when a woman does the alike, she is bound to rub a big cheese the wrong way and the call bitch comes out to play. The majority of women who have been called a bitch have possessed asset, courage and used their minds en route for create positions of power. They allow made tough decisions and may not always be agreeable to everyone who works for them. Men who acquire these qualities are not seen at the same time as bitches — but as strong, arduous leaders who everyone respects. Nice girls try to get others to akin to them, hoping that by doing accordingly people will then give them can you repeat that? they want. Also, in most delicate relationships and many professional ones, amateur dramatics detached and aloof makes people aim harder with you. They try en route for win your approval instead of you trying to win theirs.